Writing Your Own Funeral Service for a Loved One
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Writing Your Own Funeral Service for a Loved One

Hi, my name is Crystal, and I love tradition and ritual, but I also love novel things and creating something special just for one person. When my mum died a few years ago, I decided that I wanted to write her funeral service – not just my eulogy, but the whole service. I wanted to tie in traditional elements as well as Bible verses and poems that she loved, but I also wanted something that was just for her and her alone. I learned a lot through that experience. If you have lost a loved one, I extend you my sympathy. I know how that feels, and I want to help with the funeral service. This blog has ideas and tips for writing your own service as well as a range of other things. I hope it helps.


Writing Your Own Funeral Service for a Loved One

Essential Considerations When Selecting a Stone for Headstone Monument

Minea Pesola

An important step in planning burial arrangements is choosing a stone for the headstone. Unfortunately, many people think it is a straightforward decision and put it off until the last minute. Sadly, putting off such a vital component of the funeral arrangement process often proves counterproductive for the bereaved. Headstones are made from different stones, and various factors should guide your choice. This article highlights key factors determining the type of headstone to select for a loved one's grave.

Location of Grave — Unbeknownst to most people, the location of a grave largely determines the type of stone to use for a headstone. For instance, graves located under a tree are moister than open areas. Thus, headstones made from sandstone or limestone will deteriorate fast because they can easily break or crack. In this regard, graves in moist spots work best with headstones made from hard-wearing stones such as granite or marble. The stones can withstand wet conditions exceptionally well without showing any signs of deterioration. Besides, hard-wearing headstones are easy to maintain since you do not have to hire a private company to monitor the stone's condition.

Length of Inscription — Another factor you must consider when choosing a headstone material is the length of the inscription. Some people prefer short inscriptions, while others love longer ones. Whichever you choose, know that the work involved depends on the type of stone you select. For instance, long inscriptions take a long time and effort to inscribe on hard stones such as granite, which might cost you more. On the other hand, the same long inscription would take a fraction of the time if you choose soft stones such as sandstone. It might explain why most people order headstones with long inscriptions as early as possible to prevent delays and keep costs low.

Deceased's Taste — Surviving loved ones should take a deceased's wishes seriously, including their preference for headstone material. For instance, some people prefer local fieldstones as headstone material because they want their grave to blend with the surroundings. Others might prefer a headstone that stands out proud from the rest in a graveyard. For example, a deceased loved one can instruct family members to strictly use black granite if the graveyard is filled with light-shaded headstones. Although other factors might supersede a deceased's loved one's preference for a headstone material, family members must try to stay true to the wishes as much as possible.

For more information on headstones, contact a professional near you.