Writing Your Own Funeral Service for a Loved One
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Writing Your Own Funeral Service for a Loved One

Hi, my name is Crystal, and I love tradition and ritual, but I also love novel things and creating something special just for one person. When my mum died a few years ago, I decided that I wanted to write her funeral service – not just my eulogy, but the whole service. I wanted to tie in traditional elements as well as Bible verses and poems that she loved, but I also wanted something that was just for her and her alone. I learned a lot through that experience. If you have lost a loved one, I extend you my sympathy. I know how that feels, and I want to help with the funeral service. This blog has ideas and tips for writing your own service as well as a range of other things. I hope it helps.


Writing Your Own Funeral Service for a Loved One

Installing a Headstone: A Guide

Minea Pesola

Headstones and memorials are usually installed following the graveside ceremony attended by family members and mourners. This article explores the process of installing a headstone. Read on to discover more!

Digging the foundation

When it is time to install the headstone, representatives from the monument company arrive at the cemetery with a backhoe. They will need to know where the grave is located before arriving. A member of the cemetery team should show them exactly where they would like the stone to be placed. It may take several people to dig out and set up a new headstone: one person operates the machine and another person directs them on where to dig and place the foundation. The process of setting up a tombstone starts with digging down into the ground to create a foundation. The size of the foundation will depend on the size and weight of the headstone it needs to support. Once the foundation for the headstone is dug out, the contractors set up wooden forms along either side of the hole. These provide a wooden frame into which the concrete can be poured.

Lifting the headstone

Contractors will attach chains to the headstone and hoist it into position. This part typically requires several people operating heavy machinery. The monument company will place the headstone on top of this foundation and secure it in place so that it won't go anywhere when they start to pour in the concrete.

Pouring the concrete

Workers will start mixing together a batch of concrete before pouring it into the area surrounding the base of the headstone. When the foundation is filled with fresh cement, the contractors will allow the cement to cure.

Levelling the ground

Once the concrete has cured, they will remove the wooden supports from the side of the hole and backfill the space created with compacted soil and gravel. They will then level the earth around it before using a measuring tape and a spirit level to make sure that everything is straight and at the correct angle.

Sealing the concrete

Many contractors will also apply an additional sealant on top of the concrete at this point in order to protect it. If moisture is able to attack the concrete foundation, it could result in the headstone becoming unstable.

For more info, contact a funeral service today. A member of the team will be more than happy to explain the process of choosing and installing a headstone on the gravesite of your loved one.