Writing Your Own Funeral Service for a Loved One
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Writing Your Own Funeral Service for a Loved One

Hi, my name is Crystal, and I love tradition and ritual, but I also love novel things and creating something special just for one person. When my mum died a few years ago, I decided that I wanted to write her funeral service – not just my eulogy, but the whole service. I wanted to tie in traditional elements as well as Bible verses and poems that she loved, but I also wanted something that was just for her and her alone. I learned a lot through that experience. If you have lost a loved one, I extend you my sympathy. I know how that feels, and I want to help with the funeral service. This blog has ideas and tips for writing your own service as well as a range of other things. I hope it helps.


Writing Your Own Funeral Service for a Loved One

A Guide to Cemetery Restoration

Minea Pesola

A cemetery refers to a place where the remains of the dead are buried. Cemeteries have profound historical and cultural meanings across different communities. They serve as a memory of family members or even heroes that liberated the community during difficult times. Depending on the community where the cemetery is located, graves may comprise of tombstones, crosses, flowers or a combination of the three. Cemeteries are often abandoned due to various superstitions surrounding the resting place of the dead. However, it is worthwhile to conduct cemetery restoration as a way of reminding the community of their past. It is also a way of keeping the memories of those who died alive.

If you would want to complete a cemetery restoration project, below is a short guide on how to do it.

1. Ascertain ownership of the cemetery.

The cemetery ownership may be under an individual, community or the local government. Even though you mean well, you do not want to interfere without proper authorization. Once you have established who is in charge, explain to them your intentions and why your work is essential.

2. Survey the cemetery.

Visit the cemetery and analyze the scope of work to be done. You might need to plant flowers, restore headstones, make pavements or plant grass. At this stage, prepare a list of items that will be required to do the restoration. Hoes, lawn mowers, machetes, wax polish, diamond pads and spades are some of the things that will be critical when restoring the cemetery. Grass and flower cuttings might also be necessary.

3. Ascertain the cost.

You will need to assess the cost of buying equipment and supplies required to restore the cemetery. While preparing the budget, do not forget food provisions for the team that will do the restoration. With a ready budget, you can source funds from the local government, the community, religious organizations or non-profit organizations.

4. Gather your team.

It is difficult to do a cemetery restoration alone. Gather a team of like-minded individuals to help in the restoration works. Before commencing on the works, do a site visit and hold a planning meeting. Divide the team into groups, each with a specific job description. If the team is small, then you can choose to divide the work and do each portion at a time

Cemetery restoration is vital as cemeteries hold the culture and history of the community. To restore a cemetery, seek approval, determine the scope of work to be done, seek funding and finally gather a team to restore the cemetery.